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Ireland’s unique position as a strategic hub for leading global employers in technology, biopharma and financial services has led to the development of a global centre of excellence for Talent Management solutions. Staffing Industry Analysts ranked Ireland as the world’s most attractive staffing market in 2017.

The sector is unparalleled in its breadth, encompassing solutions for Talent Acquisition, Workforce Management, Professional Learning, Performance Management and Workplace Recognition. At its core are flexible services and innovative cloud-based platforms, that allow clients to efficiently deploy and scale key HR applications across globally distributed workforces

As the World of Work undergoes seismic shifts in terms of skills shortages, diversity, millennial talent and the  ‘gig economy’, Irish solution providers are at the forefront of helping progressive HR and Recruitment functions around the world to attract, retain, engage and reward exceptional talent.

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What's new in talent management?

Talent Management talent aq
May 17, 2019

A talent for talent

With Enterprise Ireland's NexTech19 event in London, the agency set out a unique offer for UK companies who can benefit from Ireland's talent acquisition technology. The agency’s Global Lead for…
Talent Management
February 11, 2019

Irish technology set to power the UK workforce

Key trends in recruitment were a hot topic at the NexTech19 talent management event in London hosted by Enterprise Ireland. Leading industry players gave their views on what to watch…
Talent Management

HireUp provides referral app for the smartphone generation

Irish start-up is growing fast with a new app saving recruiters time and money Sometimes the most obvious solution to a problem is the last to get adopted, but as…

Talent Management

Irish start-up BidRecruit uses AI in new app for recruitment

AI set to take the strain in the search for new talent. The volume of candidates for jobs is increasing dramatically as employees often only stay with companies for short…

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