Ticketsolve: making data the star of the show for UK arts organisations

July 11, 2019 No Comments

Industry leading box office system helping arts organisations leverage data to achieve success.

Adopting a data-first approach is essential to a successful business strategy. It helps businesses know who and where your customers are, understand how they behave and make better, more impactful strategic decisions.

For arts organisations dealing with fundraising campaigns, ticket sales, and audience development on top of marketing campaigns, these decisions can be daunting. Which are the best platforms to facilitate specific tasks? Will these platforms be easy to use, for staff and clients? How will they integrate with other systems? Who will own the data gathered and how can that data best be used to boost sales?

Enter disruptive Irish tech firm, Ticketsolve. Founded by Sean and Brian Hanly in 2007, Ticketsolve is the market leading box office system for the arts community. Continuously evolving, the platform processes over €170 million annually in the UK and Irish creative sector.

Ticketsolve provides high-touch consultative services alongside its platform to support data-driven decision-making. Smart marketing integrations and automation, alongside in-depth analytical tools specific to each client, enable organisations to work smarter in all areas of their business.

In a sector that is predominantly underfunded and under-resourced, Ticketsolve clients own the data they capture on the platform – which is more than often the best data for strategic thinking and planning decisions in programming, marketing, audience development, budgeting and fundraising.

David Corcoran is UK Technology & Services Advisor at Enterprise Ireland. He says: “Ticketsolve is a leading Irish technology company which has developed a first-in-class reputation across the UK arts community for its innovative box office platform. Enterprise Ireland is delighted to have supported them as they have gone from strength to strength in the UK, and we look forward to seeing their continued growth throughout the region from their Manchester base”.

With 75% of Ticketsolve’s client base in the UK, this box office system is revolutionising the landscape for the British arts industry. Indeed, for Liverpool’s Royal Court theatre, working with Ticketsolve has been transformative.

Having repositioned the Royal Court as a theatre (having previously functioned as a comedy venue), the venue brought Ticketsolve on board to assist and advise on how best to maximise revenue streams. Offering expert consultation, Ticketsolve guided the Royal Court through a series of new initiatives focused around upselling, increased product offers, e-ticketing and fundraising, which delivered significant revenue increases in all of the theatre’s key target areas.

“Ticketsolve was great,” says Iain Christie, Marketing Manager at the Royal Court, “They were a relatively young organisation when we started working with them and were flexible in their approach to working with us. Since then, Ticketsolve has helped us to increase the number of options for our customers which has led to higher revenues without jacking up the base price ticket.”[1]

Ticketsolve also helped the Royal Court pivot to become a data-led business. By constantly assessing the data being gathered through the execution of day-to-day processes, the venue is now able to precisely control where to invest marketing budget to increase ROI, as well as focusing on which areas are effectively targeting their audiences. It also reveals which campaigns are underperforming, so that the theatre can recalibrate accordingly.

In Christie’s own words, “For each show we monitor the response to cast-focused, show-focused and venue-focused messages across a number of online media. As the response to each campaign becomes clear, we adjust budgets to capitalise on the more impactful campaigns. We also review the campaign messages and formats (text, image, video) so we are reaching as many ticket-buyers as possible.”[2]

And therein lies the value of making your company’s data work hard. “Ultimately, data is not about information but about insights, and transforming insights into decisions and actions that help you creatively engage with your audiences. It also allows for trialing and testing in a way that traditional marketing cannot[3],” says Paul Fadden, Managing Director at Ticketsolve.





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