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CWSI wins security compliance tender for South Lakeland and Eden District Councils

June 13, 2019 No Comments

Whether it’s the Jeff Bezos hack, WhatsApp security breach or the Huawei debacle, securely managing your data across mobile device infrastructure is proving more and more complex. The use of mobile for business is now a mainstay of working life. Widespread wifi and 4G coverage enables ease of communication and the sharing of content, and with 5G having recently launched in the UK, the transfer of information will become even quicker and easier.

But the use of mobile for business and the sharing of data is not all plain sailing and comes with its own risks: loss of information, use of unauthorised sites, viruses and hacking are all aspects that an individual or company has a growing need to address. Especially when it comes to ensuring confidential information is protected and coordinating large numbers of employees, it can be challenging. South Lakeland and Eden District Council had such a challenge. Sharing an IT function, the councils required a mobile IT security platform to better protect mobile phones and tablets in accordance with the new CESG guidelines. No easy feat.

Irish technology company CWSI had an answer in the form of a new mobile IT security platform in accordance with CESG guidelines. CWSI works with organisations to install and manage a variety of mobile device security platforms to create bespoke security systems , by essentially increasing security and productivity on mobile for companies worldwide. Providing the Councils with enhanced mobile protection all orchestrated via a single administrative code, CWSI successfully integrated MobileIron, Wandera and Check Point Sandblast to protect all elements of the mobile device fleet, as well as VPN access to internal SharePoint resources. CWSI successfully helped the Councils to reduce risk, enhance productivity and increase device protection.

Ben Wright, IT Services Manager and Senior Supplier for Digital Innovation, Eden and South Lakeland District Councils says: “The solutions provided by CWSI have enabled the use of both tablets and phones in a way that was not previously possible. The configuration has allowed us to give secure access to corporate data and systems on a device of choice, giving our staff and district councillors much more flexibility in how they operate”.

CWSI is based in Dublin and founded in 2010.  With the UK its largest market outside Ireland , CWSI also has offices in London and a presence in Oxford. Also serving clients in the US, Asia and wider Europe, CWSI has 32 employees and has grown its UK based team by 500% since 2016.[1]

Working with Irish Government trade and innovation agency Enterprise Ireland to help with its business progression, CWSI has successfully fasttracked its UK business through both direct sales to enterprise and government agencies as well as a range of channel partnerships with major telecoms and IT operators in the UK, including O2, Insight and Telstra.

“Mobility is at the core of everything we do. Businesses know they are getting a bespoke system that is going to be easy to use and meets all legal requirements.”says Colm Warner, Security Consultant at CWSI. “Our aim is to help increase security and productivity on mobiles so businesses can better trust their staff to do all that they need. Our mobile security tools guards against wifi issues in unrestricted public areas and hacking from false networks”.

Enterprise Ireland has been instrumental in helping to introduce CWSI to new market opportunities in both the UK and wider Europe,” says Warner. “This has included offering event space to present to our UK customers as well as introducing us to potential commercial partners throughout Europe, including both Telefonica and Vodafone in Spain.”

CWSI is now focusing on working with Enterprise Ireland to improve its digital marketing, through access to a Business Process Improvement Grant.

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