Eishtec places customers at the heart of all service

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Outsourced customer service operations help blue-chip clients to drive success alongside a positive client experience.

‘The customer is always right’: a saying that offers both an interesting viewpoint but can also be a challenge for companies to overcome. Smart companies realise that good customer service can provide an excellent marketing tool when satisfied clients generate positive word-of-mouth. But it only takes one person to be so dissatisfied as to vent their anger online, for a negative viewpoint to go viral.

Irish company Eishtec provides clients with a customer service offering to manage all of their requirements and prevent against this kind of negative publicity. Conducted across a multitude of channels, it includes phone, email, chatbot, web, social media, and SMS. This enables the customers of Eishtec’s clients to engage with a service team via their preferred method.

“At Eishtec, we help our clients to understand their customers and boost customer loyalty and growth,” says Heather Reynolds, Co-Founder and CEO of Eishtec. “We blend the best people, processes and technology, and combine that with our unique culture of harnessing the power of the individual, to deliver outstanding results for our clients.”

Eishtec was started in 2011 and its name is based on the Irish word for ‘listen’, éist. With expertise in a variety of industries, Reynolds and two co-founders, Colm Tracey and Brian Barry, were determined to challenge the poor reputation of the service sector and inadequate customer relations which are prevalent in many organisations. The company is based in Waterford in Ireland, and having grown quickly since its inception, now employs 1,900 staff; it has offices in the UK and Spain and handles more than 10 million customer support contacts each year. Currently, Eishtec is expanding by opening an operation in Madrid to bring their award-winning expertise to bear on multilingual contact centre provision into Europe.

Its main clients span telecommunications, fintech, education-tech, connected health and content moderation (removal of inappropriate or illegal content online) and its excellent reputation as an outsourcing company has led it to gain contracts with numerous blue-chip and established organisations including BT (including subsidiaries EE, Orange and T-Mobile), Vero and MIT Education.

Working with clients to establish their requirements, Eishtec can provide a full case-management life cycle service. This service includes inbound and outbound customer contacts, billing support, technical support, data analytics, and troubleshooting. Its customer service agents are trained in the needs of each client and are empowered to make decisions to assist customers within the parameters of the remit for the client.

“As global requirements and expectations change at a rapid pace, we recognise the need to adapt and quickly embrace the latest capabilities,” says Reynolds. “We have an entrepreneurial and agile culture, and we operate a strong ‘can-do’ attitude. While the company is underpinned by technology, it is the people who are at the heart of everything we do. We have invested significantly in ensuring Eishtec has the right culture and that management and staff all feel they are the same team.

“In a business where passion and attitude are reflected in the outcome of conversations, we recognise and invest in the ambitions and empowerment of our people. Our people are listeners and empathisers, but they are also savvy interpreters and critical thinkers who can make decisions in order to ensure that the customer gets the best solution that fits their needs. Our culture instils in our staff that desire to listen to customers, to hear what they are saying, to go that extra mile for them and know that we have made their day a little easier.”

Eishtec’s approach has seen it deliver a 61% increase in the net promoter score for its client EE and drive first contact resolution up by more than 50%[1]. The company won two awards at the EU Business News Irish Enterprise Awards 2019 – for Best Business Process Outsourcing Provider and Customer Experience Experts of the Year. It is has been working with Enterprise Ireland since 2011 in relation to developing its business strategy for growth within Ireland and globally.

David Corcoran is Global Outsourcing Lead at Enterprise Ireland. He says: “Eishtec is a shining example of why international brands look to Ireland for customer engagement solutions. Eishtec have the put the customer journey at the front and centre of everything they do and this customer-first focus has led to the creation of omnichannel capabilities and solutions that help key UK organisations such as BT to broaden and deepen their own customer engagement. This type of customer service offering should be at the heart of any company”.

[1] 2019

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