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New white paper on trends in data centre construction

The new Future Data Centre white paper analyses the major technological and infrastructural changes that will impact design and construction trends over the next five years.

Download the white paper to get:

  • A snapshot of the current data centre construction landscape
  • Major changes impacting the design and build process
  • Regulatory and technological drivers of change
  • Strategies to respond to emerging trends with smart design and construction

The white paper was commissioned by Enterprise Ireland, the Irish Government agency, and written by Nick Parfitt, Senior Global Research Analyst of the Data Centre Dynamics Group.

The white paper explores important questions facing the data centre market both globally and in the UK:
1. For enterprise companies juggling a complex set of outsourcing options, what can be expected from cloud, colocation and managed service providers in terms of facilities that are future-proofed on behalf of clients?
2. There is considerable difference of opinion about what the future holds among companies that invest in the construction of data centres to meet IT requirements or to offer IT, cloud or data centre services commercially. How can a response to disruptions in the marketplace be planned for?
3. Are the issues that the hyperscale facilities of major cloud providers face completely separate from those experienced in the construction smaller data centres? Or are there learnings that can be shared across projects?
4. What will the next 5 years bring, in terms of technological and infrastructural change? How will such changes impact on the design and construction of data centres? Is the data centre construction sector equipped to respond to rising demand for digitsation?

Download the white paper now.

The advantages Ireland offers as a location has led to the development of a world-class cluster of companies with an unparalleled competency in data centre design, build and fit-out.

John Hunt, Senior Market Adviser for the Construction Sector at Enterprise Ireland says,

Ireland has become one of the principal data centre hubs for many of the world’s technology giants, including Microsoft, Amazon, Google, Dell EMC, Yahoo, IBM, HP, Facebook, Equinix, InterXion and Digital Realty. Leveraging this domestic capability, the world’s largest data centre operators have gone on to partner with Irish construction and engineering companies to design and build the most sophisticated and largest ‘hyperscale’ data centres across the UK and the globe. It’s Irish companies’ large and directly employed workforces, expertise, adaptability and efficient delivery on complex high-tech projects that has set them apart. We are confident collaboration between the UK and Ireland will continue across a wide range of sectors, enabling Irish companies to provide a vital skills injection to the UK economy.

Nick Parfitt, Senior Global Research Analyst, Data Centre Dynamics Group and the author of the white paper, say.

Data centres represent the foundation of the digitalised world. The processes of initial design and construction are key to maximising the opportunities and minimising the risks associated with data centre investment, as well as building in the technologies that will deliver on key requirements such as resilience, efficiency, scalability, flexibility and security. The quality of what is designed and built today will impact the future scope of the digitalised era.

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