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Ireland: Supporting local authority innovations

Irish companies are providing innovations to local authorities, while supporting them to leverage cutting edge innovation to deliver value and improve the lives of citizens.

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Why should local authorities partner with Irish companies?

As local authorities seek out new ways to work, Irish companies understand how to support the priorities and challenges of local authorities and municipalities to deliver better and more efficient services.


Enterprise Ireland is a trusted strategic partner for local authorities. At Enterprise Ireland we have a portfolio of more than 5,000 innovative client companies, spanning a diverse range of sectors. A large part of our role here is connecting their talents and capabilities with the local authorities that can best benefit from them.


Many Irish companies are already partnering with local authorities, supporting them in their social and economic strategies and helping them to deliver on the objectives that will improve the lives of their citizens.


Whether it’s supporting digital transformation internally in councils, providing digital solutions for optimizing transport systems, supporting councils to manage waste efficiently, helping to drive the net-zero commitments or helping to improve adult and social care in the community. Enterprise Ireland can connect councils to our clients capability across numerous sectors.

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How Enterprise Ireland can help you

Enterprise Ireland is the Irish Government's trade and innovation agency. Our goal is to build successful, long-term business relationships between international companies and Irish partners.

Access to Innovation

As one of the world's largest seed capital investor, we help develop a pipeline of cutting edge Irish companies.

Connect to Businesses

Our industry experts understand your requirements, and match them you with a shortlist of Irish partners that can deliver on them.

Get Direct Introductions

We make direct introductions to the right people in Irish companies, enhancing and simplifying your experience.

Tell us what you need and we'll find your ideal Irish business partner. See How It Works

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