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How Ireland’s innovation agency is supporting improvement in UK local authorities

Enterprise Ireland is a valuable strategic partner to UK local authorities. Its value as a resource comes from linking innovation-led Irish companies with the UK local authorities that can best benefit from their products and services.

It’s why so many Irish companies are already partnering successfully with UK councils and local authorities, supporting them in their social and economic strategies and helping them to deliver on the objectives that will improve the lives of their citizens.

Right now smart city solutions are playing a central role in many of these partnerships. Smart city development is about using sensor-based technology in urban areas to allow for greater collaboration between stakeholders such as citizens, city authorities, entrepreneurs, innovators and the wider business community, as well as academia.

All of this collaboration is being driven by the rapidly accelerating Internet of Things (IOT) sector. It is already responsible for billions of connected devices, from fridges that reorder your shopping to traffic flow monitoring.

As IoT technology develops, the potential it will offer for ever more connected homes, and ever-smarter cities, means it already takes centre-stage for councils looking to improve standards of living and future-proof infrastructure needs.

That’s exactly where Enterprise Ireland can help.

Ireland’s innovation agency has a large portfolio of government-backed client companies which offer innovative technological solutions to a range of new and emerging smart city challenges.

These solutions can support councils both by alleviating the issues they face today and by facilitating the smarter, greener, more sustainable connected communities of tomorrow.

Here’s how

Taoglas Crowd Insights provides footfall analytics and intelligence – via existing the Wi-Fi infrastructure – to measure, monitor, predict, alert and notify of potential mass gatherings in physical venues and outdoor locations.

In so doing it can help keep communities safe and support social distancing but also assist with planning, crowd management and traffic management in urban areas. It can provide a ‘before and after’ view as well as real-time status.

It allows local authorities to monitor and manage the economic impact of events by understanding volumes of people, how long they stay and how they move, where they come from and go to. In doing so it provides valuable data to assist with a range of decisions, from property asset valuation to advertising locations and the positioning of street furniture.

It also helps councils to understand the movement of shoppers and tourists, providing both real-time and historic insights for a range of stakeholders.

PEL Waste Reduction Equipment is already working with UK councils to provide ‘smart’ waste collection services. The company’s latest product, a solar-powered, smart compacting bin, can also be seen on streets around the UK.

Using integrated IoT technology it provides for more efficient public services, monitoring waste in real-time and helping councils to make informed decisions and reduce unnecessary lifts.

Aico, a connected home company, is pioneering new technologies that bring benefits to social housing landlords by incorporating IoT sensors into domestic fire and carbon monoxide (CO) products, capturing valuable information from sensors in homes and uploading it to the cloud.

Danalto provides smart district and smart building solutions throughout the UK. Its mission is to make IoT technology adoption and deployment easy for councils everywhere.

It delivers flexible, low-cost connectivity solutions which release the potential of low-power sensors for asset tracking and management, key focus areas in which Danalto supports public sector projects.

It is an inspiring company that has already assisted the Orkney Islands in Scotland to become smarter, greener, more sustainable and better connected. In fact, its technology has touched nearly every part of the Orkney Islands’ community, being deployed in its schools, libraries, council offices, sports centres and care homes.

These and many more Enterprise Ireland client companies are all using smart technologies to help UK local authorities improve service delivery and address a range of economic, social and environmental challenges.

In so doing they are supporting UK local authorities to enhance the lives of their citizens now – and in the future.

To find out how Enterprise Ireland can help your team, contact Laura Brocklebank, its Manchester based Local Authority Lead


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