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Business description

At Continuum we unlock new revenue from existing payment costs, thereby benefiting consumers, merchants and our payment partners.
Our multi-currency technology solutions enable merchants to reclaim lost foreign exchange margin while increasing customer conversion and your average transaction value.
We recognise that while pricing in local currency is important, allowing your customers to pay in local currency is essential.
Offering your customers the ability to switch from pricing currency to their preferred payment currency on the ‘path-to-payment’ will see increased browse-to-buy conversion rates of up to 20% and increased ATV of c. 8%.

Products and services

Multi-Currency Pricing (MCP) – This allows the consumer to reprice the product or service into their preferred payment currency.

Dynamic Currency Conversion (DCC) – Offers the consumer the choice of paying in the original pricing currency or in the currency of their credit or debit card where different.

Hybrid of MCP & DCC – A hybrid solution that offers both MCP & DCC through a single connection.

Value proposition

Continuum provides innovative online and offline multi-currency processing solutions. We are passionate about innovation; where we lead, others follow.

Standards and certificates

  • PCI DSS Level One compliant

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