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Last updated on August 15, 2019

Business description

CheckVentory is the leading company in the field of vehicle inventory audits. With many of the worlds leading banks, Manufacturers and Dealer groups as customers, CheckVentory has become the number one supplier of Dealer Self-auditing software.

By eliminating risk we help banks and dealers grow.

Products and services

CheckVentory Auditor is the world’s number 1 Dealer self-auditing solution.
It works seamlessly on any vehicle, anywhere, by anyone.

Value proposition

CheckVentory is a digital stock checking platform that is used by Banks, Distributors and dealer groups to validate their vehicle inventory, simply, substantively and securely.

It represents a seismic improvement in the speed and accuracy of vehicle auditing, eliminating the risk associated with inventory finance.

Our solution uses a SaaS business model and has two interactive elements, a cloud-based platform to manage and reconcile the audits and a mobile app to collect the data via Smartphones.

Using our proprietary technology, we analyse and validate each asset audited and can automatically highlight any anomalies or trends to controllers. This approach not only satisfies the needs of the credit risk and internal audit teams but through our methodology and consistent processing, our customers have access to significant business intelligence.

"Our customers lend with less risk resulting in access to more credit."

Our management team have extensive domain knowledge in Automotive Distribution and Vehicle funding. We work closely with our customers to ensure that they can leverage all of the information and insights available through the CheckVentory platform to ensure they enjoy certainty, transparency and business intelligence.

Key partners

• Sword Apak
• Dealer Ops

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