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Last updated on August 16, 2019

Business description

Cerebreon automatically processes and analyses millions of This Cerebreon as an early stage company. We provide an enterprise software solution using image recognition technology and intelligent algorithms to more accurately and efficiently assess document content, extract important information and automatically carry out financial and administrative processes.

Products and services

Cerebreon automatically processes and analyses millions of UK insolvency and financial documents.

This intelligent document recognition platform substantially reduces OpEx for insolvency firms and creditors while increasing their capacity to scale. Deep domain knowledge underlies the predicative algorithms which identify probable insolvency failures in advance, potentially recovering up to 50% of lost revenue.

Value proposition

Cerebreon brings machine intelligence to the UK insolvency sector, increasing efficiency, reducing default levels and improving net margins for all stakeholders.

Standards and certificates

  • Intertrade Ireland – Best Startup 2017 NDRC June 2018 – Winner of the Investor Showcase

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