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Business description

Cambrist enables Card Issuers to take control of the FX component of their card programmes, enabling them to offer increased transparency and control of overseas spend in their Debit & Credit Card products.

Issuing Banks are facing disruption from new entrants, such as Revolut and Transferwise, which offer increased transparency and control in FX spending. These features have been unavailable in core Debit & Credit products, exposing incumbent Retail Banks to disruption from new entrants.

Products and services

Cambrist’s Multi-Currency Optimisation service (MCO) is a cloud-based, turnkey solution enabling card issuing banks to transform the way foreign currency exchange is applied to cross-border transactions. MCO allows banks to take control of
(i) the sources of the FX related to their card programmes and
(ii) the rate applied to individual cardholder’s accounts or groups of cardholder’s accounts.

By controlling both the Source of the FX rates & the FX Rate applied to Cardholder Accounts, banks can:
• Increase card programme revenue by sourcing FX at the interbank rate
• Add Transparency by offering customers absolute clarity on the cost & source of their FX
• Add Flexibility in the rate provided to cardholders by setting different FX rates by card programme/currency pair/segment
• Drive Innovation by including new, innovative services, i.e. matching authorization & clearing FX rates or offering FX rate locks for travellers on any type of card.

Value proposition

Cambrist’s Multi-Currency Optimization (MCO)combines real-time FX trading and advanced clearing, settlement and reconciliation services, to enable Card Issuers & Processors to bring advanced FX Functionality to their core Debit & Credit programmes, while maintaining the existing, single-currency account structure.

Cambrist’s platform is specifically designed to enable a light-touch integration with our bank partners, which allows our services to be deployed at minimal cost, reducing implementation barriers and enabling Banks to drive revenue and foster FX-based innovation to compete more effectively with new entrants such as Revolut & Transferwise.

Standards and certificates

  • PCI Certified data processing

Key partners

• WorldFirst
• Earthport

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