Agritech: The Future of Profitable Farming

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Ireland’s Agritech Industry

The most sophisticated agricultural technology – underpinned by a heritage of excellence.  

Ireland is renowned globally for the quality of its agricultural systems and produce. Building on a 200 year tradition of world-leading agricultural R&D, farming methodologies and equipment manufacturing, Ireland is today recognised as a global centre of agritech innovation.

Ireland’s dairy industry, with its optimum grass production conditions and scientific research has given rise to world class grass harvesting machinery, which is sought after by high-quality producers globally. The Irish agricultural equipment sector boasts, a superior range of innovative baling and wrapping systems, along with mowers rakes, and tedders. Added to this technology is robust efficient Zero Grazing solutions. Irish manufacturers also excel in animal feed handling equipment, with mixer wagons, loader feeding attachments, and straw blowers. Bringing the science of feed material conservation to life for many of the world top farmers.

Animal health and welfare is paramount for efficiency, and quality in the food chain. Irish science and manufacturing has developed animal housing solutions and equipment that are used across the world. Shed cubicle design, cow mats, handling and crate equipment are all designed to benefit animal health and safety.

A high-quality soil is the fundamental pillar of production and sustainability in the industry. Irish manufacturing leads the way in nutrient management, for both organic and chemical fertiliser applicators. High quality slurry tankers, coupled to the latest application techniques using umbilical and trailing shoe equipment. Chemical fertiliser application using GPS and variable rate technology. These Irish designs ensure that optimum crop nutrition is delivered while protecting the environment.

As the global industry faces growing pressure for better performance, Ireland is leading the way with technology solutions that improve efficiency through greater automation. By applying Internet of Things solutions, including wearable technology devices, Irish companies are helping livestock farmers to improve yields while minimising waste.

Just as Irish farmers are known for their commitment to environmental responsibility, so too Irish agritech stands for the highest levels of sustainability and efficient production.

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